The Repair Process


Wilson & Rigby works with Australian Insurance Companies to assist you in getting your vehicle back on the road as quick as possible. As our valued client you benefit from this relationship and we save you valuable time during the entire repair process.

Don’t let your insurer choose for you. When it comes to choosing the best, you should be able to do so. MTA Queensland strongly endorses insurers who offer “CHOICE OF REPAIRER” in their Product Disclosure Statement.

If your car is damaged and covered by insurance, make sure you choose your repairer at the time you lodge your claim. If your insurer allows you choice, you’re in good hands.

As a member of MTA Queensland, we follow the stricktest code of conduct of the Repair industry. Read more here.



When you submit photos for quoting

When taking photographs of the damage on your vehicle, please note the details you need to include in the photographs so we can assess the damage:


A quality repair job involves numerous steps and though our estimators are among the industry’s finest, certain types of damage become apparent only after the vehicle has been disassembled. In some cases, we may need to revise your vehicle’s completion date.

We know how important your vehicle is to you. We pledge to keep you updated on the progress – and we promise to return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible.

When you call us or enquire here for a quote we can explain the Insurance Process specific to your insurer.  A good assessment will explain if it is likely the cost will warrant lodging a claim with your insurer.  We can explain the repair process which selections will require new parts, paint and repair.

Towing – call 0407 116 391

In the event of an accident that requires towing from the accident site we recommend calling our mobile service on 0407 116 391.  If your car can be driven safely, come to Wilson and Rigby as soon as possible to assess if your car needs any temporary adjustment to allow to continue driving until your booking date.  This personal service is what you get from an independent operator.

Ring us before you lodge your claim so you get the service you deserve, Use our service for a trusted repair to restore your vehicle to AMCA safety standards

PANEL BEATING SERVICES – Wilson and Rigby will take you through process step by step

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