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Follow these guidelines in terms of photographing the damage:

1. Take all photos in shaded lighting or indoor area. Avoid taking photos in direct sunlight or with bright lights behind as this creates a big reflection on the panel.

2. Stand 1-1.5 metres from the damaged area and take a photo at an angle (check for no reflections in photo)

3. Take another photo of the damaged site but stand away form the vehicle so the whole car can be seen as well as the damaged area

Let us know if you require a tow in service as well, we can help you get your vehicle to our facilities.

Call us on  (07)46663311  – Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

When taking your photos, be sure to include :

  • Registration Plate
  • Whole side view
  • Whole front and back views
  • Damage areas and anything relevant to what must be fixed.


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- Read our article on how to take photos of damage on your vehicle.

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